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Bug#1681: Missing files

I wrote:
> Juho A. Vuori writes ("Bug#1681: Missing files"):
> > I just installed Debian GNU/Linux 0.93R6 and found out that:
> >
> > - manual pages for savelog and checksecurity are missing. Even though
> >   they are scripts and therefore anyone can look what they do, man
> >   pages would still be a bit nicer way to do that.
> As before, if someone donates some good manpages I'd be pleased :-).

I'll leave this bug open until some manpages are available.

> > - /var/log/setuid.today file is missing. Because of that I got every
> >   night a mail which said 'diff: /var/log/setuid.today: No such file
> >   or directory'. I got rid of it by creating the file, but it would be
> >   nice, if the file existed by default.
> Hmm.  I'll see what I can do about this.

As I wrote earlier, this is now fixed, I believe.


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