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Re: pre-inst and post-inst scripts that start and stop daemons

Bruce Perens <bruce@Pixar.com>

> I think the situation I described could be named "cross-installation".
> There are other cases than building the base where one might want to
> install to a different filesystem than the one currently running. Thus
> perhaps CROSS_INSTALL=1 is the flag to use. If I don't hear much objection
> to that today, I'll cast it in concrete.

This strikes me as a bad approach.  It implies that whomever
interprets that flag must know what a "CROSS_INSTALL" is, and what
special action might be required of them to support it.

The situation, however, is that some particular session is doing a
"cross-installation" operation which requires some special handling.
It seems to me to make more sense from an information-hiding
perspective to have that one particular session know what specific
special actions might be necessary to support "cross-installation",
and to arrange for those special actions with whomever is responsible
for performing them -- interacting whth individual action-performers in
terms of the actions for which that particular performer is responsible
rather than in terms of whether "cross-installation" is happening.

In other words, I think it'd be better to name the environment variable

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