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umsdos (for 0.93R7)

I think that debian should include umsdos support.

Here's what's needed:

(1) a kernel with umsdos support compiled in
(2) the utility umssync

Also, umsdos pulls a stunt for the root partition -- for this case the
subdirectory that, under the msdos file system, would be named "linux"
is recast as the root file system.  Other contents of the msdos
filesystem's root are recast as the contents of the "DOS" -- the
dinstall script would need to deal with this (I got around this by
fudging around with a soft link and editting /etc/mtab).

Also, fsck doesn't currently do anything useful on a umsdos file
system.  I've not decided what the best mechanism should be for
dealing with this.  umssync could be used as a better-than-nothing
option (though it's only really useful for when someone has mucked
around in the linux area of the file system from under some other
operating system).

Finally, something like loadlinx.exe would probably be a useful


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