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Bug#1724: unexpected keypress translations (fwd)


Thanks for the prompt response.  I'd appreciate it if you'd copy
debian-bugs@pixar.com on future emails regarding this, and retain
the Subject line intact so that our bug tracking system can handle
the email properly.

achowe@sentex.net said:

> The choice for AE to handle multibyte functions itself instead of using
> termcap or terminfo, was due to the fact that I couldn't figure out a
> portable way to map AE operations to terminfo or termcap, because at the
> time there was no standard for Curses.  (Now there is XOpen's XCurses
> which specifies terminfo.)  It was a cheap bypass.
> The workaround for now is to have different config files for each terminal
> type and then specify the config file for the terminal in question on
> the command line using -f option
> Mean while I'll attempt to solve this problem for you.  BTW does Linux
> use termcap or terminfo?

There are many linux distributions, and the answer to this
question will differ from one to another.  I'm building ae
for inclusion in the Debian GNU/Linux distribution.

Currently, debian supports both curses and terminfo.  The ae
program for debian currently uses libcurses (and termcap) because
that's a shared library and executable size is a primary concern.
The plan for future releases, when libncurses is released as a
shared library, is to switch to libncurses (and terminfo).

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