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Bug#1724: unexpected keypress translations (fwd)

Bill Mitchell writes ("Re: Bug#1724: unexpected keypress translations (fwd)"):
> The program in question is ae.  I thought I'd pass this on
> to you.  ae uses raw keypress defs in the config file, leading
> to this problem.  I'm guessing that may have been a size or
> complexity tradeoff.  The keypresses in question are PC
> function keys, which generate different escape sequences
> at the non-X11 linux console and in an xterm.

Well, that won't work.  How does ae drive the screen ?  Whatever
library it's using for that will provide a facility for interpreting
(or at least determining) function key sequences.

I've reopened this bug and assigned it to the `ae' package.


> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> Date: Sun, 22 Oct 95 18:40 GMT
> From: Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk>
> To: Bill Mitchell <mitchell@mdd.comm.mot.com>, debian-bugs-done@Pixar.com,
>     Debian developers list <debian-devel@Pixar.com>
> Subject: Re: Bug#1724: unexpected keypress translations
> Bill Mitchell writes ("Bug#1724: unexpected keypress translations"):
> > I noticed today that keypress translations are different in an
> > xterm window than on a VC not running X.  I'm really not sure
> > if this is a bug or a case of "you should have expected that",
> > but it caused a program expecting the VC-style keypress
> > translations to misbehave when it got unexpected keypress
> > translations in an xterm window.  It seems to me that, unless
> > there's some good reason otherwise, default keypress translations
> > shouldn't change.
> You should have expected that.  Different terminals have different
> escape sequences, and an xterm is not the same as a Linux console.
> I'm marking this bug as done.
> If you have a program that doesn't correctly use the terminal
> information databases (termcap or terminfo) to interpret keystroke
> escapes then that program is buggy.
> > To duplicate, type "cat -v", F1, ^D in a VC; observe the results;
> > startx; and do the same thing in an xterm.  I know that TERM=linux
> > doesn't work right in an xterm and it's necessary to set TERM=xterm,
> > but that's another issue (or at least I think it is).
> No, it's not another issue.
> Ian.

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