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Re: Mirror sites still having problems

Ian Jackson writes:
> Several mirror sites are *still* in a mess, even after repeated
> emails.
> At this point I think we can do one of two things:
>  1. Keep prodding them, phoning them up, &c &c &c &c - any
>     volunteers ?  (If it comes to this I'll deal with
>     src.doc.ic.ac.uk.)
>  2. Move the whole of ftp.debian.org:/debian to /debian.real, and
>     replace with an empty /debian containing only `README.vanished'.
>     Leave for 3 days.  Put it back.

I hope your joking about this 2nd one, I wouldn't enjoy missing out
on your timing of the move and having my mirror delete itself and then
refetch the whole damn thing again.


Dehydration - 34%, Recollection of previous evening - 2%, embarrassment
factor - 91%.  Advise repair schedule:- off line for 36 hours, re-boot
startup disk, and replace head - wow, what a night!
                -- Kryten in Red Dwarf `The Last Day'

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