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A new rootdisk is now available at ftp.debian.org in
/debian/private/project/pre-release.  This rootdisk changes "Normal
Mode" to "Novice Mode" and "Expert Mode" to "Custom Mode", and
it makes Custom Mode the default.  Also, it supports the new kernel
installation scheme by prompting for insertion of the bootdisk after
the base system is installed and running the install.sh program from
the bootdisk.

I'm not moving it into public view yet, however, because there appear
to be a few problems with the bootdisk uploaded a few days ago:

   * The introductory text is mangled.  It needs the msdog CRLFs added
   to it.

   * install.sh appears to only install part of the image package.  It
   doesn't install the symbolic link /vmlinuz, which is used by dinstall
   in several places, it doesn't appear to install any of the modules to
   the appropriate place.

I also noticed the following problems with the base system:

   * /usr/lib/zoneinfo is mode 777.

   * The audio devices are missing.

   * dpkg 0.93.77 was installed instead of the most recent version.

When you're fixing these bugs, Bruce, please make sure you have a copy
of the newest base packages.  I moved a new ld.so into the binary/base
directory earlier today, and there should be a new sysklogd package
fairly soon.  (It's in Incoming but not announced yet--I've asked the
maintainer to announce it so I can move the package out of Incoming,

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