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Re: ppp 2.2?

On Wed, 4 Oct 1995, Ian Murdock wrote:
> Has anyone gotten ppp 2.2 to work?

It has been shown to work on 1.2.XX.  I've not done it.

> I finally got it to compile, after realizing that I had to install a
> few replacement kernel headers.  Why are these kernel headers not in
> the standard distribution of the kernel?

Because I believe 2.2 was in beta for quite some time before it came out, 
and I think Al Longyear only produced it as a stopgap before rewriting 
the whole megillah for 2.3.

Obviously this is conjecture from what I've read on linux-ppp.  Ask Al 
for the definitive answer.

> After I got it to build and installed the new packages, PPP says:
>    Sorry - PPP driver version 0.0.0 is out of date
> What is this?  Does ppp 2.2 not work with linux 1.2.13?

By default 2.2 installs in /usr/sbin, rather than /usr/lib (the previous 
default), so you might be running the wrong one.

If you can make what you've done available, I'd be willing to test it.  
I've got a known-good dedicated PPP connection.

"And I swear that I don't have a gun."

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