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Did this came across? After release thinkabouts

Hello developers,

* diskspace requirements (displayed/registered)

I was wondering what happens when someone is running dpkg / dselect to
install some packages and is running out of diskspace. Perhaps it is
usefull to add a system able to calculate/display the required
diskspace for the selected packages. Is it there allready and I never
noticed because I never run in a situation with not enough diskspace?

This will become more difficult when the different directory's where
parts of the packages are going to are mounted on seperate drive. Most
of the people will probably have a big drive where /usr is mounted on
and it will probably do, but with more and more packages coming up and
networking setups are being considered this might be worth a thought.

* dselect creating it's list from several package files

dselect is building it's selection list from a file (Packages or
something like that). What about making it possible that dselect
builds it selection list from different Packages files or optionally
from all the Packages files it recursively finds from some root
directory. Perhaps this implemented now and I'm not aware. If so
please ignore this, otherwise please comment on this one. At this
moment a handy solution is probably catting all Packages files into

I have to admid that the clear line between distribution packages and
non-free packages is becoming more vagely and this is perhaps
undermining the original concept of Debian GNU/linux. If implementing
something like this is going to happen an extra notifier of what is in
the distribution and what not might be added within dselect/dpkg?

BTW: good thing that non-free has a ms-dos (why not just dos/fat?)
subdirectory for downloading the packages according to the eight dot
three naming scheme.


Very off topic/PS: someone ever used snns (stuttgart neural network
simulator), I'm trying to get version 3.0 running. Sorry I ever asked,
please don't flame.

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