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Bug#1518: smail setup(?) problem on 0.93r6 install (fwd)

Bill Mitchell writes ("Bug#1518: smail setup(?) problem on 0.93r6 install (fwd)"):
> In the smail postinst prompting after initial 0.93r6 install, I
> selected "local only" (option 4?) and postmaster to root ("none"?).
> I didn't have smail send a test message, but later used mailx to
> send a message to root.  After doing this, "mailx" said "No mail
> for root".  /var/spool/mail/log/logfile contains the following:

/var/spool/mail should be created by the base disks and isn't (some
long time ago it was decided that the MTA packages shouldn't include
the mail spool, and I still agree with this decision).

I have reassigned this bug report to the base disks.

What version of the 0.93R6 disks were you using ?  I reported this
problem on the 23rd of September (as part of an omnibus base disk
installation report, Bug#1475), and it was discussed on debian-devel
again on the 26th of September, when I wrote:

] My bug report #1475 explains this problem with Smail.  In the 16th
] September base disks there were three separate problems each of which
] was enough to break Smail:
]  1. No /etc/host.conf, so hostname --fqdn didn't work.
]  2. Machines with no FQDN have a spurious dot in their own /etc/hosts
] entry, so that hostname --fqdn returns a malformatted hostname (with
] an extraneous trailing dot).
]  3. /var/spool/mail didn't exist.
] See my message for details.

I trust that these problems - especially the lack of the mail spool -
will be fixed soon if they haven't already received attention !


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