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Bug#1520: mkboot won't make a boot floppy

PACKAGE: miscutils
VERSION: 1.3-2

Several problems.  Some major.  Some have been reported previously.

1.  mkboot won't make a boot disk on 0.93r6.  It tries to
    dd /boot/vmlinuz to the floppy, and that file does not exist
    in 0.93r6.

2.  It looks like it'd likely make an unusable boot disk after a
    kernel rebuild.  It presumes that the hard drive kernel image
    is rdev'd correctly.  Are we sure that a kernel rebuild will
    produce a properly rdev'd image?  Lilo doesn't have a problem
    with improperly rdev'd images, but they won't work if copied
    to a floppy.

3.  The "Do you want to make the system bootable now?" prompt is
    badly worded, IMHO.  It follows a message saying that the
    user must either make a bootable floppy diskette or re-run
    LILO.  It's not really clear that answering this question
    "y" won't re-run LILO.  As it happens, I dodn't want to
    run LILO when I ran mkboot, and didn't feel good about answering
    'y" to this question.

4.  It says "In order to use the new kernel image you have just
    installed ...".  This doesn't belong in mkboot.  Some users
    will run it just to make a boot floppy on a system which has
    not recently had a new kernel image installed.  I think this
    stuff comes from mkboot being invoked from the image package
    postinst, but the "new kernel image" stuff belongs in the
    image package postinst, not in mkboot.

mitchell@mdd.comm.mot.com (Bill Mitchell)

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