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Re: /etc/host.conf /etc/protocols, and /etc/services

Bruce Perens wrote:
> Peter,
> Could you have "netbase" include /etc/host.conf, /etc/protocols, and
> /etc/services? I'm placing them in the base package for now, but they
> really don't belong there. If they are in the netbase package, they will
> be extracted from there and installed on the base floppies by the
> basedisks.sh script.

Can we assume that everybody installs netbase? If not you'll have
problems if /etc/services is not there. Every program that does a
getservbyname, getservbyport or getservent (e.g. syslogd) won't work.
The same problem might exist with /etc/protocols and getprotoent,
getprotobyname and getprotobynumber.

Because of these reasons Ian M. put them on the basedisk.


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