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Bug#713: mh should pause after printing important message ?

> > mh produces a message at installation time:
> > Setting up mh ...
> >
> > Be sure to add /usr/bin/mh to your path!
> >
> > However, it doesn't wait for the user to acknowledge it, so the user
> > could easily miss it.
> Please remember to handle this bug report.

Sorry, I would have handled this a long time ago except for one small
problem -- I can no longer compile MH.  Our libraries/linker/compilers
have moved up beyond the point where the old Linux MH patchs will
work.  So until we move to Elf, I am stuck.

Ian M., this is such a minor thing that I think I should wait until we
do Elf, but if you disagree, what I can do is upload a "new" binary
that has a fix in it, but with no accompanying "fixed" source -- since
it won't compile anyway.


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