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FTP arrangement

When we release, I'd like to move all of the 0.93R6 files into a
subdirectory of /debian, like this:


I want to do this because development of 0.93 is stopping with
Release 6.  Packages that fix bugs will be merged into 0.93 for a
Release 7 sometime in October, and that will probably be that for

All package uploads after Release 6 that do not fix a documented bug
in 0.93 will be moved to contrib.  I'll make exceptions to this rule
on a case-by-case basis.  I'm flexible.

Also, it might be a good idea to add "a.out" and "elf" subdirectories
to contrib and non-free.  I'd like to leave those in the top-level
directory, because they aren't associated with any particular release
of the distribution, but we certainly don't want to mix a.out and elf.

I'd also like to prepare an area for development of 1.0, which will
be the primary focus of our attention post-0.93R6.  Bruce Perens
will be coordinating development of 1.0, while I coordinate further
releases of 0.93 beyond Release 6.

My question is this: How can I make these changes at ftp.debian.org
without causing any pain to our mirrors?  Is the mirror program smart
enough to release that I have moved /debian/binary to
/debian/debian-0.93R6/binary, or will it download all of the packages
again?  Can we warn mirror administrators that the change will happen
on, say, Wednesday?  Would they be able to use mv to avoid having the
mirror program download everything again?

Also, what does everything think of this idea?

The end result would look something like this:











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