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disk crash

As Murphy predicted, my one and only disk crashed on Saturday.  (I did
have a second disk, but *it* crashed about two months ago.)  This time,
however, luck was on my side (well, partially)--not an hour before it
crashed, I completely backed up every irreplaceable file on the system.

The only important files I lost were the in-progress `base' and
`base-floppies' packages I was fixing at the time the disk crashed.
I found several problems with the base system that need to be fixed
before the release is made.  A few of the problems are serious--for
example, /etc/group is mangled--but most are fairly minor.  I'll try
to remember exactly what I changed and detail the changes in a
separate message.  Bruce, if you could fix these problems after work,
it'll make it all the more likely that we can still release today or,
at least, sometime tomorrow.

Although I didn't lose any important data, I did lose the rest of the
weekend trying to determine the problem and deciding what to do about
it.  I finally decided that my only option was to buy a new disk.
I'm going to go buy a new disk this evening.  (By the time I made this
decision yesterday, all of the local computer stores were closed or in
the process of closing.)

Anyway, if you really need to reach me today, please mail me at this
account, imurdock@gnu.ai.mit.edu.  I should have debian.org restored
by this evening, hopefully in time to make a release by tonight or early
tomorrow morning.  I'll put a message explaining the problem in the file
/debian/.message at ftp.debian.org.

(BTW, I can still read debian-devel via www.debian.org.)

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