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beta-test next-generation elvis uploaded

I've uploaded e2-2.0.beta.  This is a beta version of the next
generation elvis vi clone.  It installs as /usr/bin/e2.  This
is not for wide distribution, please.  It's known to be buggy,
and I'm uploading it to give an advance look and an opportunity
to feed back bug reports to the elvis author.

Please do not install it in the main distribution.
private/project/BETA would probably be a good place for it.

e2 provides some new features, including C language syntax
hiliting and an X11 interface with dynamic window resizing,
clickpoint positioning, etc.

Date:  Fri Sep 22 19:32:37 PDT 1995
Package:  e2
Version:  2.0.beta-1
Description:  A text editor, patterned after the unix vi editor
Priority:  Reotine
Changes:   Initial upload
 Added debian.* files.
# File: <name> <size> <md5sum> <destination>
File: e2-2.0.beta-1.tar.gz 305359 6b33d2d4896ae6ec2c511f611ed6c12d source/editors
File: e2-2.0.beta-1.diff.gz 6637 2e0abfeb923487e41baaed700dc3e115 source/editors
File: e2-2.0.beta-1.deb 337246 c5d0c1d37c0eba2698e9702287157f73 binary/editors

mitchell@mdd.comm.mot.com (Bill Mitchell)

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