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Bug#1385: dselect selects some packages without asking

"Michael E. Deisher" <deisher@enws428.EAS.ASU.EDU> wrote

> > 1. I thought I would start small and just install a couple packages at
> >    first to get the hang of it.  After selecting two packages, I was
> >    very surprised to find that dselect had chosen many more packages
> >    FOR ME and installed them without even asking.  I suppose these
> >    were the recommended packages and I should have noticed that they
> >    had been selected for me.  However, this was not at all
> >    anticipated.  It would be better to provide an option to "Select all
> >    recommended packages" instead of assuming that the user actually wants
> >    this.

I've been using the various incarnations for some time, and I still
quite often have dselect install packages which I hadn't expected
to be installed.  Perhaps the [I]nstall section needs a confirmation
phase before beginning installation, to confirm:

1.  That the packages which dselect intends to install are actually
    what the user wants installed.  If not, the user should be able
    to abort the [I]nstall and go back to the main menu.

2.  Whether a package-by-package upgrade attempt should be made
    for every installed package, or whether this should be skipped
    and just the packages selected for installation installed
    (much more quickly than if all packages were looked at).

A confirmation phase similar to (1) above should probably be done
before [R]emove as well.

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