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Bug#1385: dselect selects some packages without asking

Package: dpkg
Version: 0.93.75

On Mon, 18 Sep 1995 14:52:10 -0400 (EDT), dhs@firefly.com (David H. Silber) said:

> I suggest that each issue be registered as a seperate bug with debian-bugs.

I wrote:

> I used dselect (dpkg 0.93.75) for the first time this weekend.  It
> seems very powerful.  Although I feel much more comfortable with it
> after having spent a few hours with it, there were some rude shocks
> in learning how to use it:

> 1. I thought I would start small and just install a couple packages at
>    first to get the hang of it.  After selecting two packages, I was
>    very surprised to find that dselect had chosen many more packages
>    FOR ME and installed them without even asking.  I suppose these
>    were the recommended packages and I should have noticed that they
>    had been selected for me.  However, this was not at all
>    anticipated.  It would be better to provide an option to "Select all
>    recommended packages" instead of assuming that the user actually wants
>    this.

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