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Re: nvi 1.34-7 now available

   Date: Wed, 13 Sep 95 22:17 BST
   From: Ian Jackson <iwj10@cus.cam.ac.uk>

   Ian Murdock writes ("nvi 1.34-7 now available"):
   >         nvi (1.34-7):
   >         * Use `update-alternatives' to update the ex and vi links.

   Ian, can you tell us whether you've made the `ex' link a slave of the
   `vi' link, or arranged for them both to be primary links, and what
   priority number(s) you used ?

I arranged for both of them to be primary links.  Should ex be a slave
to vi?  I most cases, I suppose, they are the same binary.

Oh, and I used priority 30.

BTW, a suggestion wrt priority numbers--we should consider making the
lower numbers the highest priorities (i.e., the highest priority would
be 0; 10 would be a higher priority than 20; etc.).  By doing this, we
could centrally specify one specific package as the "default".  In the
case of vi, the centrally-specified default is nvi, which could have
priority 0.

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