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0.93r6.1 first install comments

Even though my md5sums matched Bruce's, I re-downloaded the base.2
image which was giving me a premature EOF and wrote a new disk.  That 
fixed my problems.  Writing a new disk from the original download
didn't fix the problem.  Wierd.

Install went smoothly, except for a long pause after loading all
base disks.  I have a slow machine.  A reassurance message before
whatever processing causes this long pause on slow machines would
be a good idea.

On first hard disk boot, I noticed that there's no "log in as root"
message.  I think such a message would be helpful to *nix newbies.

dselect came up.  I did [A]ccess (harddisk not mounted), gave
requested info, did [S]elect, quit immediately, did [I]nstall,
and had that fail.  The error message was:

    mount: /dev/sdb4 already mounted or /var/lib/dpkg/methods/mnt busy.

"mount" showed /dev/sdb4 not mounted.

"dpkg --version" said 0.93.75.  I think Ian J. told me in private
email that 0.93.76 is ready, but it's not on the ftp site yet.

The base disks contain a buggy version of the ae editor.  Try
"ae /etc/ae.rc" and watch the "Left, ..." line in the edited
text as you type to see the bug.  The ae packages which I've
uploaded don't have this bug.  (The ae author says that it's
a bug in our curses library, and the ae packages I've uploaded
contain a workaround for it)

mitchell@mdd.comm.mot.com (Bill Mitchell)

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