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Bug#1363: mount error messages do not match problem

Package: root disk
Version: 0.93R6 pre-release-1

I've noticed this wierdness with mount for quite some time and am
finally able to reproduce it.  The problem is that in certain
situations mount prints erroneous or misleading error messages.

When installing the new base system, I accidently typed in "/dev/hdb"
instead of "/dev/hdb1" when the installation program asked me which
partition I wanted to format.  This itself is a bug!  The installation
program should have caught this.  Anyway, when I later tried to mount
/dev/hdb1 on / (using option 4 of the installation program), mount
gave the error message:

   mount: /dev/hdb1 mount point does not exist

Of course, the mount point really does exist.  The mount point is in
the ramdisk.  The problem was a screwed up filesystem.

So, "mount" needs to be fixed so that it prints appropriate error
messages.  Also the install program needs to be fixed so that it won't
let the user make silly mistakes like this.


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