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pre-release-1 uploaded

I uploaded a new floppy set to
This uses the 1.2.13 kernel, and fixes the TERM=dumb problem.

If you are an experienced installer, please test this by installing it on
your spare partition. Please direct complaints to Ian Murdock, I'll be
unavailable for a week.



4eecf54b2b77dc27029110a7b0d760c8  1440_base_floppy-1
101dc4d2a4c6d14d248d6e01c7b80f82  1440_base_floppy-2
d31eff89f97ba3c203c567798a4c742d  1440_base_floppy-3
761e97a3c0be8fe6b8501e9c43d98f7d  1440_boot_floppy.gz
82d09fdd9831a81b25df6207ced397d2  1440_root_floppy.gz

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