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Majordomo package

I have started working on a Debian package for Majordomo, the list
server.  There are a couple of issues I'd like to raise here...

Majordomo requires its own user and group (typically `majordom'.)
Currently my preinst creates them using adduser --system and uses
whatever numbers it gets; however it would seem sensible to come up
with a policy which results on their being the same on all Debian
systems.  (They don't have to be present everywhere, just reserved for

Can I have a uid and a gid that no other package is going to use,

Once I have a fixed uid and gid, it would of course be convenient if
my preinst can make sure they are present with adduser rather than
some less tidy method.  However the version of adduser I have here
(1.94-1) doesn't support this - perhaps it should.

Secondly, it'll have to go in non-free when it's ready, since one has
to get a `commercial license' if one is distributing it for revenue.

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