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Re: dpkg reassembly of split packages, when to purge

On Sun, 10 Sep 1995, Ian Jackson wrote:

> [...], should I do a full cleanup at some point in dpkg or
> dselect's operation ?  At boot time ?
> Note that the parts of the package have to be kept by dpkg between
> invocations, [...]

I'd say clean out any leftover package fragments on exiting dselect.
Possibly clean up completely at boot time, or perhaps clean up
packages N days old or older (N=1?).  You might want to introduce
a /etc/dpkg.conf file to set aging for unconfigured packages.  dpkg
could be invoked during boot with a --cleanup option or somesuch,
and might default the aging parameter, process the dpkg.conf
file to perhaps update the aging parameter, and then do cleanup
operations on over-age unconfigured packages.

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