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dpkg reassembly of split packages, when to purge

I'm currently implementing the package split/reassembly functionality
for dpkg.

The way it will work from the user's point of view is that you feed
the individual parts to dpkg --install or dpkg --unpack just as you
would with whole packages.

When dpkg has collected all the parts of a package it will put them
together and install the result.

The question is: when should I arrange for the directory containing
the parts to be cleared out ?  I can clear out `old' files
occasionally - but how occasionally, and how `old' is `old' ?

Alternatively, should I do a full cleanup at some point in dpkg or
dselect's operation ?  At boot time ?

Note that the parts of the package have to be kept by dpkg between
invocations, so having it cleared out when dpkg exits won't work.  I
can't just make links to the files, because they may well be coming
off some kind of removable medium, or be temporary files created by an
FTP installation procedure or some such.

The parts are likely to be quite large, of course ...


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