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Bug#1336: CFLAGS shouldn't be used when linking

Herbert Xu writes ("Bug#1336: CFLAGS shouldn't be used when linking"):
> Package: procps
> Version: 0.97-4
> In the Makefile, CFLAGS were used when linking the various object
> files.  This shouldn't be the case and it would cause problems when
> one wishes to compile the source code with '-g' but not to link it
> with '-g'.

This is not a bug.  Package maintainers are free to do whatever they
want in their Makefiles (frequently they don't have any control over

> Here is a patch that fixes the problem:

The patch is probably undesirable.  It will mean that every time the
procps upstream package Makefile changes we'll have a rejected patch
for the Debianisation.

I'm not closing this report because the package maintainer may want to
take some of your comments on board, or forward them to the upstream


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