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Bug#1337: Improper use of sscanf in procps

Package: procps
Version: 0.97-4

Occasionally "ps -a" would display command lines incorrectly:

$ ps -a
  197 v11 SW    0:00 (getty)
  198 v12 SW    0:00 (getty)
14360 v10 SW    0:00 (getty)
21795 v09 SW    3:50 (bash)
31647 s02 SW    0:01 (uugetty)map)


Of course, the last line should've been "(uugetty)".  The "map)" part
comes from "(rpc.portmap)".  This is caused by the use of "%40c" in
snap.c when calling sscanf().  Since "%40c" doesn't put a NUL at the
end of the string, any parts of a previously assigned value would
remain, as is the case here.  Here is a patch to fix it:

--- procps-0.97/snap.c.orig	Sat Sep  9 19:28:02 1995
+++ procps-0.97/snap.c	Sat Sep  9 19:45:33 1995
@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@
     /* Now we can parse these two strings separately */
-    sscanf(S, "%d %40c", &P->pid, P->cmd);
+    sscanf(S, "%d %39s", &P->pid, P->cmd);
     sscanf(tmp+1, "%c %d %d %d %d %d %u %u %u %u %u %d %d %d %d %d %d %u %u "
                   "%d %u %u %u %u %u %u %u %u %d %d %d %d %u",
            &P->state, &P->ppid, &P->pgrp, &P->session, &P->tty, &P->tpgid,

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