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Re: Extra bug summaries

David H. Silber writes ("Re: Extra bug summaries"):
> I wouldn't say that it is of no use, but what Bill requests would
> certainly be more useful.

We're working on it.

> Actually, I generally don't care about most of the listed bugs
> (except to make sure that I'm no worse than any other maintainer :-)
> so the ability to request:
> 	-- just my packages
> 	-- just certain packages
> would be useful.
> Requesting the list for only certain packages should be interactive,
> as it would tend to be used by people who want to see if the bug they
> just noticed is already in the bug list.  I imagine an HTML form can
> be whipped up to deal with this.
> Requesting the list of my own packages could be implemented either as
> an HTML form or a mail-based server.  I think that both should be
> made available, as some people do not have WWW access (shocking isn't
> it? :-) and for those who do, the mail-based version might take too
> long.

I'll see what I can do.


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