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Re: Do we really care how many floppies are in the base?

   I may have made an ill-considered decision when I built the 2-disk
   base.  I'd like to hear opinion on which system we should be using
   for 0.93R6 .

Well, since we have different distribution mechanisms, I think there's
room for more than one base-disk set.  Allow me to recapitulate a few

ftp -> ... -> floppy

ftp -> hard disk
nfs mount [e.g. of mirror]

Unless all packages are going to be written to floppy, I think there's
a clear advantage for writing a minimal number of floppies.  If
nothing else, floppies are *slow*.

Of course, there's the matter of clearly defining for the novice what
choice is the best for each likely situation.  So, we do want to
minimize the number of base disk sets.  [But, it would be nice to
present an alternative that doesn't need any floppies -- perhaps a
umsdos + loadlin mechanism.]


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