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Bug#1330: <ncurses/term.h> fails with C++, extern "C" missing

Package: ncurses-developer
Version: 1.9.3-1

When compiling C++ programs with ncurses' term.h it is necessary to
use the
 extern "C" {
construct oneself.  This is usually thought to be the responsibility
of the library maintainer, with something like ncurses - and indeed
the authors would appear to agree, since <ncurses.h> works fine.

I see:
main.o(.text+0x28d): undefined reference to `tigetstr(char *)'
main.o(.text+0x2b2): undefined reference to `tigetstr(char *)'
main.o(.text+0x3fe): undefined reference to `tigetstr(char *)'
main.o(.text+0x423): undefined reference to `tigetstr(char *)'
main.o(.text+0x6a0): undefined reference to `tigetstr(char *)'


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