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Bug#1324: smail- logfile location

Karl Eichwalder writes ("Bug#1324: smail- logfile location"):
> Package: smail
> Version:
> Revision: 13
> Please
>     cd /var/spool/smail
>     mkdir /var/log/smail
>     cp log/* /var/log/smail
>     rm -fr log
>     ln -s ../../log/smail log   # not necessary
> Problably the crontab and savelog related script have to be adjusted.

I'm not sure I agree with this (and if the directory is moved it would
require a symlink or a source change).

I think it's more helpful to have all the Smail spool and log files
together, where people will expect them to be (/var/spool/smail).

The FSSTND is ambiguous, and the logfiles aren't accessed by anything
outside the Smail package, so we can do either.

If there is a general feeling on the list that the Smail logs should
be moved I'll move them.


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