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Bug#1329: ncurses manpages - two infelicities

Package: ncurses-runtime, ncurses-developer
Version: 1.9.3-1

The capability table in terminfo(5) is badly formatted:
        Variable             Cap-     I.                       Description
        Booleans             name    Code
auto_left_margin,          bw   bw      cub1 wraps from column 0 to last
auto_right_margin,        am    am      Terminal has automatic margins
back_color_erase,          bce  ut      screen erased with background color
can_change,              ccc    cc      terminal can re-define existing colors
ceol_standout_glitch,   xhp     xs      Standout not erased by overwriting
(It continues in the same vein).

ncurses(3ncurses) contains the following:
       Windows are referred to by variables declared as WINDOW *.
       These   data  structures  are  manipulated  with  routines
       described on 3X pages (whose names begin "").  Among which
       the  most basic routines are move and addch.  More general
       versions of these routines are included with names  begin-
       ning  with  w, allowing the user to specify a window.  The
       routines not beginning with w affect stdscr.)

This does not reflect the manpage arrangement in Debian - we have the
manpages as foo(3ncurses) rather than curs_foo(3x).


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