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Bug#1313: sysvinit-2.57b

ke@pertron.central.de said:
> Package: sysvinit Version: 2.57b Debian_Version: 0

> /etc/inet.d/functions: has mode 644; should 755?

We have some reasons to remove this file, as start-stop-daemon provides a
better replacement for the functions in it. For now, I think this is only
used with the "." (source) command, and it will work fine when mode 644.

> There is no info, how to update from a prior version

Don't try to remove the old package first. Make sure you are running an
up-to-date version of dpkg - at least 0.93.70, and then just install the new
package with "dpkg -i <file>" .

> BTW, I've installed the base system and some additional packages, but
> I'm still missing `last'.

I think "last" is in its own package, probably under the "text" subdirectory.
The base system includes "more".



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