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Bug#1313: sysvinit-2.57b

Karl Eichwalder writes ("Bug#1313: sysvinit-2.57b"):
> There is no info, how to update from a prior version--or is it secure
> simply to do `dpkg -r sysvinit' and then `dpkg -i sysvinit-2.57b-0.deb'?

The standard way to upgrade any Debian package is simply to use dpkg
--install to install the new version.  The old one will be cleaned up

Do not attempt to remove the sysvinit package with dpkg -r.  If you're
lucky dpkg will refuse; if you're unlucky your system will probably be

> /etc/inet.d/functions: has mode 644; should 755?

As I wrote earlier:
] There is little reason for files in /etc/init.d to use the `functions'
] file.  The file `functions' on my system contains
] * code to set PREVLEVEL and RUNLEVEL based on the output of the
] `runlevel' command.  The only scripts in /etc/init.d that use it are
] `rc' and `powerfail' - arguably this could be done by using `runlevel'
] directly in those scripts.
] * shell functions `daemon' and `stop' that do a half-baked version of
] `start-stop-daemon'.  Scripts should use `start-stop-daemon' instead;
] the `daemon' and `stop' functions are not reliable.  There are no
] scripts in my /etc/init.d directory that use `daemon' or `stop'.
] I suggest that the file `functions' be removed.


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