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non-dpkg packaging systems (was: Re: `pms' from BOGUS (Debian vs. BOGUS) )

ke@pertron.central.de (Karl Eichwalder) said:

> [...]
> The tool `pms' [Package Management System] is the heart of the
> distribution; `pms' is driven by so called Notes files (think of it as
> of `make' and Makefiles).  A Notes file has three parts: [...]
> [...]
> To remember you: I don't want to argue which dist is better; my
> intention is to consider how is it possible to improve Debian GNU/Linux!

There's also RPM -- "Redhat Package Manager".  I don't know its
copyright status.

I've never used it (I have a RedHat CD on order out of curiosity),
but I have a copy of a "RPM HOWTO" paper which talks about it.
>From what I gather, RPM packages contain pristine upstream sources
and a patch file which patches them for RedHat during the build
process.  The usage example for the rpm program shows usage message
which mentions querying packages for files, forcing installation
despite conflicts, mentions conffiles, mentions uninstall, etc.
The paper talks a bit about pre and post install and uninstall
scripts, talks about "marking" package files for installation
(so as to omit docs, for instance).  It also talks about something
called sub-packages, but I see no mention of dependency resolution.

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