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Re: dchanges

On Tue, 5 Sep 1995, Ian Jackson wrote:

> Bill Mitchell writes ("Unidentified subject!"):
> > I've received no feedback on this one way or the other.  Should I
> > announce it to debian-changes?
> The reason I haven't commented on it is that I still think it's
> horrible as a changelog format.
> My changelog/announcement format has almost all[*] the information
> that is in yours, [...]

I think this came up while you were away, so you may have missed the
exchanges leading up to it.  It's not my format, it's Bruce's.  Bruce
asked for someone to write an automated changes file generator, and
I volunteered.

> [...]
> information about where in the FTP site the files go.  I don't think
> that information belongs in a changelog entry, and it shouldn't be
> specified by the package maintainer.

I agree.  I've made that argument here.  I don't recall if there
was a counter argument or if it just went without response.  I
do recall a counter argument on similar points to the effect that
that central distribution maintenance needs to me kept minimal
because there's no central distribution maintenance staff to do

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