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Re: Unidentified subject!

Bill Mitchell writes ("Unidentified subject!"):
> Minor bugfixes and, after an email exchange with Bruce, a change
> to allow extension lines for all fields.
> I've received no feedback on this one way or the other.  Should I
> announce it to debian-changes?

The reason I haven't commented on it is that I still think it's
horrible as a changelog format.

My changelog/announcement format has almost all[*] the information
that is in yours, but is more human-readable.  It is no less
machine-readable, IMO (indeed, my dates are in a more standard format
than yours, for example).

[*] The only information mine doesn't have that yours does is the
information about where in the FTP site the files go.  I don't think
that information belongs in a changelog entry, and it shouldn't be
specified by the package maintainer.


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