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Re: Debian vs. BOGUS

On Mon, 4 Sep 1995, Richard Kettlewell wrote:

> I can find no mention of the requirement for an ``orig'' rule in the
> package maintainer guidelines.  Is it mentioned anywhere?  If it is a
> requirement then ftp.debian.org:/debian/project/standards/Guidelines
> and the `hello' example package need updating.
> Is this one of those things that has been discussed on the
> debian-devel list but never been put anywhere central?

It's been discussed on debian-devel.  Some packages contain an
orig rule (I think most of mine do, but I haven't been re-checking
it before each package upload -- this reminds me that I ought to
recheck all of them).

We started off with source packages containing pristine upstream
sources, and diff components which would debianize the sources.
We've dropped that in favor of having debianized source packages
(a mistake, IMO, but I'm in the minority with that opinion).

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