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Re: Debian vs. BOGUS

Andrew Howell writes (in debian-user):

>I didn't quite understand what you said then, but if you have the
>debian source and diffs of a package and the debian.rules file is
>done correctly you should be able to do './debian.rule orig' and it
>will bring the source back to it's original state.

I can find no mention of the requirement for an ``orig'' rule in the
package maintainer guidelines.  Is it mentioned anywhere?  If it is a
requirement then ftp.debian.org:/debian/project/standards/Guidelines
and the `hello' example package need updating.

Is this one of those things that has been discussed on the
debian-devel list but never been put anywhere central?

Richard Kettlewell
<richard@elmail.co.uk>                   http://www.elmail.co.uk/staff/richard/

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