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Bug#1297: nohup doesn't seem to work

   You aren't registering a handler for SIGHUP, are you? That will invalidate
   the action of "nohup".

That makes a certain amount of sense.  Hmm, let me check the code for

Ok, you're right in that nohup installs a signal handler then execs
the desired program.  However, this is a problem under linux.
According to the man page:

       Unlike BSD systems, signals under Linux are reset to their
       default behavior when raised.

In the case I reported, I'd guess that more than one SIGHUP is being
delivered to the program allegedly protected by nohup.  Basically,
this means that it's difficult to come up with a system which pops up
a temporary window to prompt for a password to use in running some
other program.


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