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Re: Tex

On Thu, 31 Aug 95 14:48 EDT, Dirk.Eddelbuettel@qed.econ.queensu.ca said:

Michael> That's the default location for tex and metafont libs as of
Michael> ver. 2e.

> I doubt that this is true. Who specified it when and where? There is

Arg...  this has gotten out of control.  :-(

I misread the original message.  I was trying to point out that the
location of the tex libraries had moved from $(prefix)/lib/tex to
$(prefix)/lib/texmf/tex in ver. 2e.  The reason I mentioned it was
that I misread Andrew's original message.  Andrew was pointing out, I
think, that the $(prefix) was somehow empty when the maintainer of the
tex package put the package together and that the libraries wound up
(erroneously) in /lib.  Sorry for all the confusion.


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