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Re: Tex

  Michael E Deisher writes:
  Michael>  On Fri, 1 Sep 1995 01:05:30 +0800 (WST), andrew@kryten.it.com.au
  Michael> (Andrew Howell) said:
  >> I installed all the latest Tex packages lately and now have found I have
  >> a texmf directory in my /lib. Surely this shouldn't be here?
  Michael>  That's the default location for tex and metafont libs as of
  Michael> ver. 2e.

I doubt that this is true. Who specified it when and where? There is no
version 2e for TeX and/or Metafont as they have these 'pi' and 'e' number
from Don Knuth. 2e is a latex version number that is as hardware independent
as you can get.

I guess this is an oversight by Nils. All the files in /lib/texmf/{ini,mf}
are also in /usr/lib/texmf/{ini,mf}. Moreover, the /lib/texmf/ini stuff are
debian specific install files.



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