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Bug#1299: xman hanges when groff gets a fatal error

Package: xman
Version: 3.1.2 1

Other packages involved:

  Package:       Version:
  man            2.3.10 1
  groff          1.09 4

Problem Description:
  Xman puts up a status box of:
  Formatting Manual Page, Please Stand By...

  When nroff dies with the error:
  /usr/bin/nroff: can't find `DESC' file
  /usr/bin/nroff:fatal error: invalid device `ps'
  Please note that I can not see this error but this was the error I
  recieved when I ran "man man" as a diagnostic.

  xman writes this error to its stderr or stdout:
  sh: geqn: command not found
  Xman just hangs after this.

Expected behavior:

  xman should complete the format and display the manpage.

Procedure to reproduce:
  Install from scratch
  install groff
  install man
  install all of the basic X packages including xman.
  run xman and request display of man(1).

  All installs were done using dpkg --install.

Thank you,
   Constantine Rasmussen      508-750-7500 x7020     cdr@sme.siemens.com

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