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Bug#1278: dpkg seg faults with NIS

Andrew Howell writes ("Bug#1278: dpkg seg faults with NIS"):
> Package: dpkg
> Version: 0.93.70
> When trying to install anything with dpkg it seg faults after unpacking
> the files. I straced it and it seems to die when closing a socket to
> the ypserv. Not sure why it was doing this :) It happens with .67 as
> well.
> We're using a 1.2.13 kernel and NIS, the machine it dies on is the
> NIS server actually.

This is almost certainly a NIS problem rather than a dpkg problem.
Please could the NIS or libc maintainer, as appropriate, investigate.

(dpkg never explicitly does anything with NIS; however, it does call
getpwnam &c.)


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