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Re: Bug#1268: dpkg doesn't always deal with dependencies properly

Raul Miller writes ("Bug#1268: dpkg doesn't always deal with dependencies properly"):
> Apparently, dpkg doesn't check the Depends: field when upgrading a package
> to a new version.

That's right.  Or rather, it checks the Depends field when you try to
configure the package.  This is necessary so that you can do upgrades
without having to present the packages to dpkg in a particular order.

>   Thus, for example, if you attempt to upgrade xbase
> using dpkg, but you don't have the new xlib available, you'll wind up with
> a non-functional X configuration.

The solution to this problem is to use dselect, which - if you update
the list of available packages correctly - will alert you to the fact
that you need xlib.

I'm closing this bug.  However, if there is some obvious simple
solution that I've missed I'd like to hear it.


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