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Re: Withdraw mt-st package?

>From johnsonm@nigel.vnet.net

> cpio's mt is definitely not sufficient.  It is missing necessary
> functionality to run the st driver.  Withdrawing mt-st completely
> would make debian not sufficient for those with scsi tape drives.

Ian Murdock -- You're listed as the cpio maintainer.
Do you agree? If so, how do you want to handle this?

> >If mt-st is retained, the conflict which it has with the mt
> >program in the cpio package should be dealt with.
> mt-st should replace the mt in the cpio package, and the diffs
> to the cpio package should reflect the program change.
> Does that sound like a reasonable solution?  mt-st is necessary,
> cpio's mt is not sufficient, mt-st contains a superset of the cpio
> mt's functionality, so mt-st is the obvious replacement.

- Pick up mt-st and incorporate it into cpio?

- Unbundle cpio and mt into separate binary packages and have the mt and
  mt-st packages declare mutual conflicts?

- Something else?

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