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Re: Bug#1273: less help file is a configuration file?

> > dhs@firefly.com (David H. Silber) said:
> > 
> Not to pick on Bill or anything, but this still doesn't make sense.
> If a package is broken enough that documentation needs to be changed
> at an installed site, that is a BUG.  The problem should be reported,
> fixed by the maintainer (or possibly passed back to the author) and
> the package re-released.

Go ahead and pick on me if you think I deserve it.  I can learn from
criticism ;-).

My initial response to this seems to have gone over the horizon, so
I'll requote:

+ The latest package (version 290-3) doesn't declare less.hlp as a
+ conffile.
+ I don't recall the reasoning behind my having done this with earlier
+ package versions, or why I stopped. I was probably thinking that if
+ the installer decided to translate the help text onto Albanian or
+ to otherwise modify it, he'd probably prefer the conffile handling
+ on upgrade to our silently overwriting his changes.

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