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Re: Another changelog format, automating the FTP server, etc.

Bruce Perens <Bruce@Pixar.com> wrote:

> We might also want to add a new field to say where the package should be
> installed on the FTP site:
> 	Destination: devel

I thought that was governed by what "section" of the distribution
the package was in, and that it was optional to specify that in the
control file.  If we allow that info to be specified in the announcement
as well, what happens in the case where the info here disagrees with a
"section" spec in the control file?  Or do I have that info wrong and/or

> [...]
> Now, say the automatic program at the FTP site receives this debian-changes

The last instructions I saw (From Ian M. on 14 Aug) were to post
announcements to debian-user.  Is it debian-changes now?

It seems unnecessarily cumbersome to upload packages to the ftp site
and then send a carefully formatted email announcement to a mailing
list so that this announcement can be seen at the ftp site and action
on the uploaded package.  How about, instead, uploading the carefully
formatted announcement to the ftp site as a file along with the other
package files, and having an automated announcement made from the ftp
site?  If the package checks out OK on the FTP site, the announcement
can go out.  Otherwise, the package maintainer can be sent an informative
error message. 

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