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Bug#1091: Unresolved uucp bugs (as of uucp-1.05-3)

> These uucp bugs are known, but not yet resolved as of the release of
> uucp-1.05-3.{deb,diff.gz,tar.gz}:
> >  I should be able to turn the uucp.texi file into a uucp.info file.

> >
> >  I should subscribe to the taylor-uucp mailing list.

> >
> >  I should get the patches mentioned in the README file and apply them to the
> >  debian uucp distribution.
I tried to find the patches on the site specified in the README, but had no
success.  At this point, I will simply move on to version 1.06 (which already
has a couple of bug fixes reported, but apparently, no official patches.)

> >
> >  Fix the permissions.  Currently, the only way that I can get uucico to able
> >  to use /dev/cua0 is to either make /dev/cua0 666 mode or make uucico owned
> >  by root and set-user-id.

> >
> >  Write a script which will investigate smail configuration files to determine
> >  if I need to fix the pathname in a statfile= attribute.
I don't even recall what prompted this.

> >
> >  I was not able to use ``/var/log/'' for the log files.  I would get:
> >  	uucico: /var/log/uucp.Log: can not open log file
> >  (Ian J. says "Use a subdirectory.  Don't forget to rotate you log files...")

> >
> >  I should configure uucp when it is installed.
I have created a stub uucpconfig program, which is called from the postinst
script.  The actual program still needs to be written.  More on this in a
separate message.

> >
> >  User 'uucp' needs to be added to the 'dialout' group so that it can use the
> >  modem ports.
Not needed.  The /etc/group file comes with this set.  Perhaps, in the
absence of the uucp package, this should not be set up by default.
If you change this aspect of the /etc/group file, please point this out to
me so that I can change uucp to match.

   David H. Silber     dhs@firefly.com     Project:  Debian GNU/Linux (uucp)
   <http://www.access.digex.net/~dhs/>     Wanted:  Spare time.

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