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Re: Configuration file update behaviour change options

Raul Miller writes ("Re: Configuration file update behaviour change options"):
> Now that I think about it, I think I'd prefer the "html as a user
> interface" approach.  This let's people run with a command line
> interface, a ncurses interface, an emacs interface, an x- interface,
> whatever.  It also simplifies and constrains that aspect of the system
> design.  There's some security issues here, but they can be dealt
> with.

I think you're gravely mistaken.  The last thing that dpkg needs is
the headache of not necessarily being able to talk to the user ...

I have at times considered providing a `hook' arrangement, but it's
not clear quite how this would work.  What if the hook failed ?  What
if the installation fails and you need to unwind ?  How does dpkg
record which hooks have been called and which haven't ?  Do they need
to be idempotent ?


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